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4 Main Reasons People Hire Life Coaches:

  1.  To assess existing thoughts and emotions and promote Self-Awareness
  2.  To observe behavioral and linguistic patterns so that hidden saboteurs can be discerned
  3.  To set specific goals
  4. To assist in making a plan of action and then to follow it to reach desired outcomes.

If you allow me to be a listening ear for you, I can help you figure out your specific intentions and priorities over the next 6 months. Would this be a conversation you are willing to have?   What would it be worth for you to have the tools necessary so that you don't need me?

All new consultations are always free.

Rates are highly competitive for the coaching industry and are discussed at the end of the free consultation.

COACHING FORMAT DESCRIPTIONS: You decide how you want to be coached in a way that fits your lifestyle!

  • Open Call-in Times: 15 minutes of quick coaching. These are great for people on the go who need an objective ear to hear their issue and provide a quick positive perspective on their situation. You can text 704.770.8214 with your name and email address to request the next available Open Call-in Time and you will be invoiced for the call via email from Square Payments. Payment is due upon receipt and additional appointments will not be made until the service is paid for.
  • Email Only (Limit 3 sent emails per week):Email Only Coaching is appropriate when a client may be trying to process lots of information and gets better results when they can go back over emails they have written themselves or been sent.  This is also a great option for people who aren't great at setting consistent appointments, but may have time to sit and check emails and write a thoughtful response. Sent emails from clients are limited to no more than 3 per week.  Payment for Email Only Coaching is collected via Square Invoice Payments to your email address before any coaching services are rendered.
  • Scheduled 1-to-1 calls:Personalized 1-to-1 sessions can take place in person, over the phone or over video conferencing (Skype or Zoom) and are scheduled one hour per week (frequency subject to change depending on need). Clients will be expected to complete personalized assignments to be agreed upon prior to the end of each session before the beginning of the next session. Payment for 1-to-1 Sessions is collected via Square Invoice Payments to your email address before any coaching services are rendered.
  • 6-week 1-hour "Boot Camp" (Group Sessions, up to 6 people - Topics to be announced on the website):Boot Camps are 6-week coaching groups for people who want results fast! Groups are limited to 5 participants and meet weekly by phone conference line for one hour. Through weekly assignments, class discussions, and Ashley's guidance, you will learn new strategies for making progress and maintaining your success. Daily email check-ins ensure accountability and keep members motivated. Members support each other in their progress, sharing success stories and ideas. Sessions are recorded so if you miss a week you can listen later at your convenience.  Payments for Boot Camps are collected via Square Invoice Payments to your email address before any coaching services are rendered.
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