Don't Believe Everything You Think!  Let me help you Awaken the mindset you need to achieve your goals and live your best life!

Here are my specialties:

  • Accountability:  Do you have a project that you just need someone to hold you accountable to? Whether it's just getting organized around the house or getting your new business off the ground, let me help you gain clarity on what needs to be done so that you can be more efficient, highly productive and achieve a sense of accomplishment faster!
  • Happiness/Positivity/Attitude:  Pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice! Your attitude about life and everything around you is what makes the difference between a happy life full of joy and a difficult life full of challenges. Your attitude may be the only thing standing between you and your goals. Do you need an attitude adjustment? Let me help you recognize your negative self-talk patterns so that you can sustain positive outcomes more frequently throughout your life!
  • Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is being applied to your life whether you believe in it or not. Sometimes our inner dialogue attracts things to us that we don't actually want but that we are unintentionally asking for. Let me help you eliminate your limiting beliefs about success so that you can unlock your potential and create the life you deserve!
  • Relationships/Polyamory: Relationships can be difficulty to navigate, whether they are romantic, platonic, business, networking or work relationships. Being able to see things from another person's perspective and awakening to blind spots you may not have been able to see on your own is also important in maintaining close relationships.  Polyamory is also becoming a popular lifestyle and way of being which I also have experience in. Let me help you see where your communication may be stuck so that you can restore harmony to your relationships!
  • Stress/Anxiety:In our society, there are those who feel guilty about taking time for themselves to reduce stress and anxiety. Self care is not a luxury or an indulgence - it is a necessity! Stress and anxiety play a huge role in our physical health. Let me help you learn tools to combat stress/anxiety so that you can experience joy, happiness and fulfillment more frequently!
  • Transformation:The only constant in life is change! People are constantly finishing out one chapter of their lives and starting another... yet change can be scary. Let me help you take an honest look at where you are, where you want to be, what you will need to do to get there, what obstacles you may encounter and what belief systems you may have that aren't serving you anymore so that you can take charge of your life!
  • Weight Management:There are a ton of diets out there and a ton of scientific backing for every single one of them for why they work for losing weight, but the problem comes when you want to sustain that weight loss. Let me teach you how to look inward and unlock your body's natural weight release potential (without feeling deprived) in a sustainable way so that you can feel more confident in your skin, move more freely and have more energy to do the things you love with the people you love! 

If you allow me to be a listening ear for you, I can help you figure out your specific intentions and priorities over the next 6 months. Would this be a conversation you are willing to have?   What would it be worth for you to have the tools necessary so that you don't need me?

All new consultations are always free.

Rates are highly competitive for the coaching industry and are discussed at the end of the free consultation.

4 Main Reasons People Hire Life Coaches:

  1.  To assess existing thoughts and emotions and promote Self-Awareness
  2.  To observe behavioral and linguistic patterns so that hidden saboteurs can be discerned
  3.  To set specific goals
  4. To assist in making a plan of action and then to follow it to reach desired outcomes.

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