Concierge Therapeutic Massage

​Have you ever experienced the healing power of touch? Massage is one of the oldest and most natural forms of medicine known to man. The power of touch has many healing benefits, from soft tissue challenges to emotional stress. We offer this service in your home or office at no additional cost to those in the Charlotte-Metro area.

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Check out these ongoing services that enhance your experience with us!

Is the Emotional Stress in your life causing you Physical Pain? Try a Mind-Body Release Session with us for $90! Studies have shown that Therapeutic Massage has a longer lasting effect if clients can talk about their stress and perhaps have a new perspective about how to deal with their stress before getting their massage.  

This 90 minute session includes:

30 minutes of Choice Freedom Life Coaching

50 minutes of Therapeutic Massage

10 minutes of Guided Meditation

"Lighten" Aromatherapy Blend

Choice Freedom Coaching

Whether it's writing your goals in a way that encourages your success or creating a shift in perspective so that you can look at a circumstance in your life a different way and pound through obstacles, Choice Freedom Coaching equips you with the tools you need to get out of your own way and move forward towards your highest self! 

Awakening Affordable Wellness Initiatives
for Body and Mind


Corporate Wellness Programs

Business owners and corporate entities are constantly looking for ways to bring Wellness to the Workplace without the risk associated with cost. Do you have employees who call in sick often or could benefit from an energy boost in the afternoon? Let Awaken show you how we've merged Therapeutic Massage and Wholesale Wellness Shopping without it costing your business its bottom line!

Massage & Wellness

Want Wellness on a Budget?

Because being healthy should be easy and affordable for everyone! Let us show you how!

Unfortunately, the marketplace doesn't give us many easy and affordable options for those who want to thrive in Body and Mind. Many of us want better health, freer movement, more energy, more time with our family and more money in our pocket to spend on what we desire.  In a nutshell... we want more choice freedom! Trying to reach a goal? Let us show you how that can be easily and affordably done!