Is the Emotional Stress in your life causing you Physical Pain?

Try a Mind-Body Session with me for $125!  Mind-Body Coaching is about asking your body what your pain is trying to tell you!  Through guiding you into your body, we can discover the true source of your pain and how it has manifested in your body through its own stress response! 

This 2 hour session includes:

80 minutes of Therapeutic Massage

30 minutes of Life Coaching

10 minutes of Guided Meditation

"Lighten" Aromatherapy Blend

Invest in Yourself! Consider a Mind-Body Package for $900! Includes:

6 Biweekly Mind-Body Sessions over 90 days

One 15-minute Check-in Call per week

Unlimited E-mail Access

Awakening the Body-Mind Connections That Lead to Health Freedom!

Corporate Wellness Programs

Business owners and corporate entities are constantly looking for creative ways to bring Wellness to the Workplace. Do you have employees who call in sick often or could benefit from an energy boost in the afternoon? Contact me to set up a consultation on how we can help your business stand out as a healthy company!

"It's supposed to be a professional secret, but I'll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing.

We only help and encourage the doctor within."  - Albert Schweitzer, MD 

 Concierge Therapeutic Massage

Have you ever experienced the healing power of touch? Massage is one of the oldest and most natural forms of medicine known to man. The power of touch has many healing benefits, from soft tissue challenges to emotional stress.  This service is performed in your home or office at no additional cost to those in the Charlotte-Metro area.

Life Coaching

(Online or In Person)

Holding on to negative belief patterns about ourselves and what we deserve out of life can create unwanted challenges and prevent us from reaching our goals. Let me help you turn those negative belief patterns around to positive ones for a more fulfilling life!



Check out this ongoing service that enhances your experience with me!

You Can Heal From Pain... But Do You Believe That You Can Be Healed?

My name is Ashley Reynolds and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Life Coach. Thank you for visiting my page!

At my core, I believe that the body's ability to heal itself is greater than we have ever been led to believe. I also believe that the biggest issue facing our culture today is the disease of disconnection!  I see clients all the time who carry so much stress and pain in their bodies, yet aren't doing anything about what's causing the pain to begin with.  They have become disconnected from themselves!

I want to be able to offer my clients ways they can empower themselves to release stress and physical pain. Most of that power comes from releasing negative belief patterns surrounding our healing abilities, awakening more positive belief patterns around healing and living full lives through healthy bodies and minds. It also comes from having a team of healthcare professionals that believes in your own empowerment and abilities to heal yourself!